Monday, March 31, 2008

Congratulations Chantell & Jarem!!!

Friday night was so fun and exciting! Nate's sister, Chantell, was going to get proposed to by her boyfriend Jarem. Jarem called me up on Thursday and asked me to help out with it. He first took her on a helicopter ride from Provo up to Heber, where they went to a nice dinner. Then they rode the helicopter back to Provo. The saddest part, but kind of funny, is that she threw up the entire fancy dinner in the helicopter on the way back. She can laugh about it, which is great I think!
So, while they were going on their helicopter ride Jarem's sister Stephanie and I were setting up a very romantic setting in the basement of the Milne's house. We had chocolate-covered strawberries, tons of tea lights and candles, lights in the trees, the fireplace aglow, music, and of course sparkling cider. It was such a blast putting it all together knowing what would be happening there that night.
So, Jarem dropped Chantell off (and drove around the corner, ran through the back yard, and went into the basement to wait for her), Chantell came in and told us all about the helicopter ride. We all sat there and watched Enchanted for a few minutes, then Nate's dad asked Chantell if she would go turn the fireplace off downstairs. Of course Jarem was down there in the "love room" and then he proposed!!! We were really tempted to turn on the speaker system down there so we could hear what was said, but Nate talked me out of it!
Congratulations Chantell & Jarem, we're so excited for you to be married!!! You guys are great together, we love you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Redbox Mondays & BYOB Tuesdays!

Monday T. and I decided to venture to Smith's together, along with our 4 kids. Our kids are actually pretty good together. We always say shopping would be perfect with just Sadie and Matthew, it's Faith and Carson that make it difficult. But, after we're all done shopping we head to the Redbox machine on the way out of the store. T. has the Monday code for a free movie on her cell phone, and so we decided it would be great to each get a free movie, thanks T! She gets her movie, moves to the side, and then I get my movie. I decide that I will gather up my courage and watch I am Legend with Nate. I put it in my box, put in the code, slide my card, and check out.
So, move forward in time about 5 hours... I am sitting there during nap time and suddenly think, "where did I put that movie?" And then I think, "did I even get the movie?" Oh crap!!! I run over to T's house and ask her "did you get my movie, "no!" I can just see someone coming up to the machine right after we leave, and seeing that some idiot left a DVD sitting in the slot decides it's their lucky day! I call Redbox customer service, and they were super nice. They took the last 4 digits of my credit card and found out that it hadn't even come out at all, so I wouldn't be charged at all! Wow, that is lucky, love you Redbox!
Moral of the story, when you rent a movie, always remember to grab the movie after you have paid for it!
So I found out this awesome secret that I am going to share with all of you because that's the kind of person I am :)

The movie theatre on 9000 south and Redwood has Bring Your Own Bowl on Tuesdays! This means that you bring your own bowl and you can get it filled with popcorn for $.50. The reason it's so exciting is that we love taking the kids to movies, but because popcorn costs $5.00 (and it's a must with 2 kids!) we always have to wait until the movies come to the dollar theatre, otherwise going to the movies would cost $30 plus.

We went and saw Horton Hears a Who last night and it was super cute, I loved that it had a deeper message to it. Really a great movie, I'd highly recommend it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning

Good Morning!!! The kids are both ready to look for their baskets!
Sadie found Carson's basket and showed him where it was, in the basketball hoop.
The Easter Bunny brought a Thomas the Train Color Wonder set, 2 matchbox cars, and lots of candy!
Sadie's Easter basket was hidden in the laundry room, inside of a laundry basket. She got the movie Enchanted, a Giselle Barbie doll, and more than enough candy.
I love that Carson is so easily amused by a car that costs $.99 still.

Easter Egg Hunt!

We decided last minute to do a little Easter egg hunt in Nate's parents' back yard Saturday afternoon. We rounded up a few little cousins and friends. The men went out and scattered the eggs around the yard and then the kids ran out to find them, it was really cute. Sadie and Faith, being quite a bit older than the other 2-year olds, both cleaned up pretty well. Every time Carson ran to get another egg half of his eggs would fall out. Sadie and Faith would sit and wait for him to drop some so they could grab a couple. It was a riot!

Mommy, are you sure you know how to make eggs?

Yesterday morning I decided it would be fun to decorate Easter eggs with the kids. Nate was still playing basketball at the church, so I decided to cook the eggs so they'd be ready to decorate when he got home. Sadie was really concerned that I didn't know how to cook eggs, "Mommy, are you sure you know how to make eggs?" To be honest, I don't like hard-boiled eggs so the only time I have ever made them was maybe once for Easter. They didn't turn out great, I think I cooked them too long, or maybe not long enough, I'm still not quite sure. But we decorated them anyway!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ready for Spring!!!

This week we had a couple of really nice days, Tuesday in particular was wonderful! The kids got to go outside and play on the swingset that is finally thawed out. I got to go running outside with just shorts and a short-sleeved tee. I know, what a day right?

We at the Milne house are ready for spring, which is why today's snowstorm is really making us mad. We have to put away our flip-flops, get out our boots and coats, and wait!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From the eyes of Nate

Nate just got all of the pictures off of his phone from the last year and let me tell you it was funny to see what he took pictures of. Here are a few of the best:
Nate's sister, Christal, and Sadie watching TV and both picking at their nose.
This is when I was at Swiss Day's and their was a BYU game on. He's definitely true blue!
Nate and my dad went to visit my sister's ex-husband to get some of her stuff. They arrived to his house to find that he's turned his front yard into a pumpkin patch. I bet his neigbors love him!
Sadie often falls asleep in odd positions, and Nate just happened to get a picture this time.
This picture is blurry but one of my favorite memories in the past year. We were with Nate's family at the Zermott resort in Midway for Nate's mom's birthday. We wanted to let the kids go on the merry-go-round and so we got the tokens from the little store, gave them to the bell-hop and since no one else was even around, he let the entire family go on the merry-go-round together. I don't know it was kind of magical to look at everyone laughing and enjoying the ride all together as a family.

Tag I'm it!

A-Attached or single: Attached
B-Best Friend: Nate
C-Cake or Pie: Cake, especially the triple chocolate cake from Costco :)
D-Day of Choice: Saturday, I get to sleep in (when Nate doesn't play basketball) and we usually do something fun as a family.
E-Essential Item (s): lip gloss, sunglasses, binky (for Carson, it's a must!)
F-Favorite Color: Pink
G-Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
H-Hometown: Auburn, WA
I-Indulgence(s): diet coke, dove chocolate
J-January or July: Oh, that's a hard one, both. January cause it's my birthday month, July cause it's hot!
K-Kids: two
M-Marriage Date: June 29th, 2002
N-Number of Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers
O-Oranges or Apples: apples, especially fresh from Washington
P-Phobias or Fears: bad guys at night, dogs
Q-Quote(s): "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin at all." Thumper
R-Reason to Smile: I just beat Nate's score in the Wii target shooting game.
S-Season: Spring
T-Tag: Anyone who reads this and wants to be tagged.
U-Unknown Fact About Me: My ear almost got ripped off in a wakeboarding accident in college.
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Oppressor of Animal (I love a good steak!)
W-Worst Habit: Probably diet coke
X-X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds
Y-Your Favorite Food: The chicken bacon artichoke pizza from Papa Murphys!
Z: Zodiac: Aquarius.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't worry Nate, he's still a boy.

Carson loves to dress up. The problem is, we only have girl dress-ups. The other day he came up to me with that purple dress in his hands and said, "princess?" And above he was playing "mommy" with Sadie, hence the apron and baby. Honestly, I think it's cute. I don't make a big deal about it because I think it would cause more "issues" by making a big fuss. Someday he'll figure out that he's not a mommy or a princess, but in the mean time I think Sadie will enjoy his willingness to act like a little sister for her.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vote for David Archuleta!

Nate and I have always loved watching American Idol each season. But this season is even more exciting. David Archuleta is from Murray and friends with Nate's little sister, Chelsie. He's really good and is a super nice kid. (plus super aborable!)
So, vote for David! If you don't watch American Idol, watch the boys on Tuesday nights at 7:00 on Fox 13 and see this guy sing!