Sunday, October 26, 2008

A very scary weekend!

We had a great weekend, full of fun and scares. Friday night we went to Chantell's husband, Jarem's family's haunted forest in Layton. They are such a fun family and go all out for Halloween, I mean crazy all out! Their back yard is huge and has a forest with a path going through it. So they get the whole family and some friends involved and create a very scary haunted forest! I have to admit I got pretty scared a couple of times. But it was funny to get scared by some creature and then the creature saying, "hi Marcie." Makes it fun trying to figure out who is what.
This is probably the only picture I will ever have of me looking more tan than one of Nate's sisters! Chantell looked great, in a scary way.

Then, Saturday my friend Jenn came from Las Vegas with her fiance, Brady. We went to the BYU vs UNLV game together. It was a scary game, too close for comfort the entire game. But in the end BYU pulled out a win, thank goodness. Nate was getting pretty stressed. It was fun having Jenn to sit by so we could talk wedding talk, love it!

After the game Jenn & I went to Gardener Village for Witches Night Out, so fun! We cackled for coupons, got some great deals, ate great food, and I had a great time planning out Jenn's future in Utah! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food, glorious food

This pregnancy has been interesting because I've had the nausea stuff, oh boy I have. But, then I am also completely OBSESSED with food, but only good food. I have actually found myself watching the Food Network channel for hours at a time, with absolutely no intention of making any of the delicious food they create (not like I could with the ingredients in my fridge, but still). I've also gone through my favorite cookbooks several times, staring at the pictures of the dishes. Nate has gotten tired of me actually rewinding back to commercials I see with food (like the Arby's sub commercial, yum) when I am fastforwarding the commercials during our favorite shows. Here are some of the food items I have actually eaten, and been obsessed with in the last few weeks of :

Stuffed Chicken Marsala from Olive Garden, oh my goodness.... so good. I could have licked the plate, okay I totally did.

Nothing fancy, but I had sweet potato fries from Arctic Circle and holy cow! I couldn't stop thinking about them for days.

Roasted Red Pepper with Feta soup from the Village Bakery at Gardener Village. I think I will have to call and see what day this week they're featuring this soup.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think it's safe to say...

we're expecting! Okay, I'm the worst secret-keeper in the world, so it's probably not a huge secret to many of you, but I'm 14 weeks pregnant, due April 13th. We're excited to welcome baby #3 into our home!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Call me lazy...

but I LOVE these Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kits! No messy, slimy, pumpkin guts to carve out. Plus the kids can actually help put the pieces on the pumpkins. I might not ever carve a pumpkin again.
The kids even named their pumpkins. So, allow me to introduce Aurora & Matey (like Arrrr matey), the 2 new additions to our family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nate has a new brother!

Nate's parents were in Ukraine for almost 4 weeks finalizing the adoption of Ruslan, a 15 year old Ukrainian, who is now Austin Ruslan Milne. Last Thursday they finally came home! Everything went well with the adoption and it has been so fun to have Austin Ruslan finally here with the family. He is a great kid with a great sense of humor. Now he just has to learn English so we can actually get his jokes. And we need to get used to calling him Austin.

Tiffany's Reception

Last night we went to Tiff & Blake's wedding reception at Nate's parents' house. They got married last month but had to wait for Nate's parents to get back from Ukraine. It turned out to be a fun night, with great weather (especially for the end of September!)
All of the pictures I got were before the reception started, but just trust me that there were more than just the Milne family in attendance :)
Oh, and thanks SOOO much T. for doing mine and Sadie's hair!