Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to normal life

We have had such a fun summer. In July we went to Bear Lake for a week with the Wilson family. This was, by far, the funnest vacation we've had as a family so far. Our kids had a BLAST playing on the beach all day with their cousins (picture above: Sadie and Jayna), eating raspberry milkshakes, riding on the boat with Grandpa Wilson, and getting dirty all week long! After a week of it, Nate and I were surprised how sad we were to leave.
Nate & I went to California the first weekend in Sept. to visit his aunt & uncle, the Ek's, and go to the BYU game. Despite the outcome of the game, we had so much fun with the Ek family, surfing on the beach (pictures to come), and just relaxing in beautiful Southern California.
So, now it's back to real life. Sadie started preschool, which is so stinking cute I can't even tell you. Carson is starting to say a lot of fun words, like "belly button" "Love you" and "dance" , I love this stage!