Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mommy, are you sure you know how to make eggs?

Yesterday morning I decided it would be fun to decorate Easter eggs with the kids. Nate was still playing basketball at the church, so I decided to cook the eggs so they'd be ready to decorate when he got home. Sadie was really concerned that I didn't know how to cook eggs, "Mommy, are you sure you know how to make eggs?" To be honest, I don't like hard-boiled eggs so the only time I have ever made them was maybe once for Easter. They didn't turn out great, I think I cooked them too long, or maybe not long enough, I'm still not quite sure. But we decorated them anyway!


Natalie said...

Your eggs look great. We never hard-boil eggs except for Easter. I still have to pull out my cookbook to figure out how long to cook them.

estinger said...

At least the eggs turned out cute, that's really all that matters right!

mead family said...

You can't even tell that you didn't know exactly how to make them, they turned out really cute.