Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a.....GIRL?!!?!!

Yep, that's right. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound today and was shocked to find out that it is actually a GIRL!!! I was dying of laughter because I saw with my own eyes what we thought was "boy stuff" in my 16 week ultrasound.... guess not! I still can't get used to the idea, since I have been saying "he" to describe this baby for the last month.
Sadie was really excited to find out the surprising twist, since she has wanted a little sister so bad. I had her read the ultrasound picture where it said "It's a girl" and she started sounding out the "gi" and then looked up at me like, "are you serious?" She was thrilled.
So, here's a couple of cute pictures of our GIRL!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Corn dogs and Jelly fish

At Halloween Nate took the kids to a corn maze for mutual while I was at a girl's night out. The next day Carson couldn't stop talking about the "corn dog" and how fun it was. I finally realized that he meant corn maze, but I thought it was so cute I didn't correct him for a while.
This morning he was reading a book to me and started talking about the jelly fish in the book. Then I realized he was pointing to the jelly beans in the book.
It's moments like this when I temporarily forget his behavior in sacrament on Sunday or his stubborn refusal to take naps lately.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Props to Nate's friends...

...for picking such cute, fun, awesome wives. I know they didn't get together and plan out marrying women who could have so much fun together, but they did a great job!

Last night we had a baby shower for Julie K. at Archibalds restaurant (yummy) and we had the best time! I love that 5 of us are pregnant and ALL having boys!!! Yes, and one is having twin boys, so that will make 6 boys born within 4 months. We had to take a picture of our bumps, lined up from soonest due date to latest (me being the last).

From right to left there's Julie K. (due Jan. 1st), Sheena (due Feb.), Julie L. (due Mar. with twins), Tabitha (due Mar.), and me, due April. SO FUN!

Wedding dress shopping

My best friend Jenn came into town this week from Las Vegas with the sole mission of finding a wedding dress. I got to come along and help, along with her sister Tammy. We had such a fun day running around to several dress shops & she was successful!!! She found the most beautiful dress at the last shop we went to. Here's a picture of the gorgeous bride in "the one." I just love Jenn & am so happy for her.

Then, the next day because we had been so successful we got to go shopping at Gardner Village, which was so much fun. Sadie got to come along & enjoy the girl's day out. I must say Sadie is quite the little shopper!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween week

Sadie's preschool class had a Halloween party on Thursday, the kids looked cute, but Miss Debbie looked the cutest in her Snow White costume! We had a fun little party Friday morning with some friends from the ward, the kids had fun playing and decorating cookies. The moms had fun visiting and eating Maria's yummy homemade food. (at least I did!)

We went over to Nate's parents' house for pizza and trick or treating, and to show them our costumes. Carson was a dragon (if you asked him he was a pink dragon with butterfly wings) and Sadie was a butterfly. I was a bottle of "Prego" spaghetti sauce and Nate was a box of spaghetti noodles. There was a hidden message on my costume:

That's right, I'm prego with meat"balls," a boy that is! We found out this week and thought it would be fun to announce it on the costume. We are so excited for Carson to have a little brother!

The things kids do when you're not looking

I would love to have a hidden video camera watching my kids while I'm out of the room. It's funny to hear the things they say to each other (when I can hear from the other room), and to see what they end up doing while I'm not right there next to them. This week we had a couple of funny ones.
Sadie came to me and said "Mom, I forgot that you told me to never do this." "This" was try to curl her hair with a round brush. She had that brush so tangled in her hair I could not help laughing, until after about 30 minutes of trying to get it out of her hair. Then I stopped laughing. Finally after another 15 minutes or so, I made some progress and quickly got it out.

Another day this week I got out of the shower to find both of the kids pretending to be pregnant. They had stuffed dish towels in their shirts to make their baby bumps. Oh boy!