Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diaper free... for a couple of months at least.

Carson is officially potty-trained! We had a rough couple of days at the beginning, but once he got it he really got it. He hasn't had an accident for several days and is little mr. independent when it comes to the restroom. I'm enjoying not changing diapers for the time being and we are all excited to go to Ikea. 2 kids in the playzone for a whole hour, that's a whole hour of shopping without kids! Anyone up for a morning at Ikea and meatballs for lunch afterward? ( I LOVE their meatballs!)
And now I get to start stocking up on newborn-size diapers, which are so much more fun to buy than size 4.
Here's a picture of Carson in our "Underpants Parade" we did, from the Go Potty Go movie we rented from the library.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Extreme Makeover, Mom Edition

This morning my kids wanted to do my hair and makeup. Carson was in charge of makeup (using Sadie's makeup) and Sadie did my hair. This is the beautiful result:
If anyone is interested in their makeover skills, let me know. I'll send them to your house. By the way, the play makeup doesn't come off as easy as you'd think. After washing twice, exfoliating, and then washing again there are only subtle remains of Carson's art.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday fun

We had a fun-filled couple of weeks with Christmas and my parents in town.
Christmas Eve: spent the night at Nate's parents' house. We stayed up late playing Rock Band.
Sadie and Carson had a fun Christmas & got some fun presents from Santa.
Nate and I decided to get a little more festive by wearing our ugly holiday sweaters from an ugly sweater party we went to earlier in the month.
Chantell loved her hand-made slippers (made out of maxi-pads) from moi.
Nate's mom's side of the family has a fun tradition of spending the night in a bowling alley in Brigham city (owned by an uncle). With unlimited bowling, lots of yummy food, and fun company, it is one fun night! My parents and some of their friends from Ogden came with us for the first half of the night, they had a blast. All the guys were sore from bowling so many games. I bowled one game with the kids and decided bowling and pregnancy don't go together. (Plus, Sadie beat me.)New Years Eve: We partied it up Rock Band style at my uncle Rob's house with his family. Costumes were mandatory.