Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We moved!

What a month it has been! After 5 months of waiting to hear from the bank about an offer on a short sale, they accepted our offer! And they gave us 2.5 weeks to close, holy cow... we did it! We feel so blessed to have this home. It is in an an amazing neighborhood & ward, right next to the school the kids already go to & love. The house is our "forever house," meaning we are planning on living here until we get old!
We still have tons of work to do. The back yard's not finished or fenced, plus lots of decorating to do :)
Here are a few pictures of the house, some of my favorite things about it:
Front of the house. This is actually the picture from the MLS. I feel kind of dorky standing out in front of my house taking pictures.
The kitchen... I love the kitchen.
Here's the great room. We have ordered couches & should get them soon, can't wait. The big, open space is feeling a little too empty & echo-ish. We finally caved in to the "huge, flat screen tv" trend, & I have to admit it's really fun. Can't wait to watch Modern Family on it tomorrow night, I'm sure it will be even funnier in HD, right ;)
Now, my old laundry room was an unfinished room downstairs. The fact that this laundry room is one of my favorite rooms makes me feel slightly sad that I spend so much time in it. So much laundry, so so so much laundry!
And, my craft room, that's right MY craft room. I haven't had my own room of any kind since I was in high school. Sadly, with all of my time spent in the last mentioned room, there's little time to spend in here. Someday, my lovely room, you and I will spend hours and hours together!