Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Day with Thomas

My parents flew in for the weekend, which was a ton of fun. When my parents are here, we go out to eat, go to movies, go shopping, and play the Wii. My kids love it when they're here because they stay up late, eat lots of treats, and get spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa. Today they left, and it is back to REALITY! I'm talking about tantrums galore, I've got 2 tired little kids going through Grandma & Grandpa withdrawls. The hard part is that I am too.

Saturday we had a fun day in Heber seeing Thomas the Train. We were too cheap to actually go on the train ($18 a person for a 25 minute ride!) but the kids were happy just seeing Thomas and taking pictures in front of him. Then we let them each pick something out in the gift shop. I have to say I have never seen so much Thomas the Train stuff in my life! It was crazy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bunkbeds & Last days

I am trying to convince Nate to spend some of the economic stimulis check we got (wooohoo) on some cute bunk beds for our kids. I don't know why, but I'm totally into the bunk bed think right now, maybe it's nostalgia from my early years when Ramie & I slept in bunk beds for years! We had so much fun making forts and slides on them. Or maybe it's just one of my phases, and I'll be over it in a couple of months.

Well, I thought it was so fitting that my kids decided to play like the bench was a bunk bed. I think they're thinking what I'm thinking......we need bunk beds!
On another note, yesterday was a sad, sad day. Sadie had her last day of preschool until the end of August. We have both loved her being in preschool, She loves Miss Lori and I love the 2 hour break I get twice a week (it's during Carson's nap).
Of course I also love how much she's learned and experienced from preschool. Here she is with cute Miss Lori in her graduation cap. Sadie's grown up so much in the past year, it's crazy to think she'll be going to kindergarten in a year!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

8 cheeseburgers please

Nate took Carson on a Father & Son's camp out last night, which meant Sadie and I got to party it up girly style. We spent the evening at a primary activity where we went to the church museum, Sadie loved the "I am a child of God" exhibit. She spent the entire time taking care of a little black baby she named "Miley" (after Hannah Montana of course). After that we took pictures by the temple. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!!! I tried to have Sadie take a cute picture by the flowers, most of the time she posed in some silly pose, who knew she was even that flexible?
We then went to ice cream with Stephanie and her son Kamden at McDonalds. After we both put in our orders, Stephanie noticed they put 2 cheeseburgers on her tray, but she had only ordered one. She then looked at her receipt and realized they had charged her for 8 cheeseburgers. They were still busy making the other 6. When Stephanie told the lady at the register (she was Mexican) about the mistake, she said "no, you asked for 8 cheeseburgers." Stephanie and I were both laughing, realizing that she had said "I would like A cheeseburger" and the lady thought she said "8" instead of "A." It might be one of those things that was funnier when you're actually there, but hey I was there so it was funny.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Happenings

I wish that this post was about going to the big David Archuleta party at Murray High School this afternoon. I have been looking forward to it for weeks, in anticipation that he'd make it to the top 3. I was supposed to be there!!!! Of course this is the day that I feel terrible, and have to stay home to watch it on TV. At least we got to see Nate's sister and dad in the audience :)
But the last couple of weeks have been filled with some fun times in the Spring-time sun. I thought I would put up a couple of pictures and remember that although I didn't get to see David Archuleta in person, life is still happy and good.
What a cute little catipiller they found on Brittany's driveway, they even made a little house for it out of Brittany's flowers (sorry Britt!).
Gardner Village petting zoo, seriously so cute. There was a baby goat (below) that must have been hungry. He tried eating the sparkles on my flip flops, then my friend's daughter's shirt, the kids thought that was so funny.

My friend Stephanie's daughter just got a baby bunny. We went over there and the kids had so much fun letting it jump through their legs and eat carrots from their hands. See we don't need another baby, we can just go to Steph's house and play with the bunny.