Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 a review

In May Sadie was baptised. She made a goal to finish the Book of Mormon before she was baptised & she finished it that morning. She is amazing, I look up to her. Love her.
 We spent a few weeks in WA in the summer. Nate stayed home to work. We had fun with my family.

 Took the kids to one BYU football game. It was fun, but hot. We then left the kids for one game, and it was freezing. So, there you go.
 Celebrated our 10 year anniversary by flying to WA to see Les Mis with my parents and sister. AWESOME!!! Loved the movie, but it doesn't compare to seeing the musical live.
 Spent a weekend with some awesome girls up in Midway for Swiss Days. Love Swiss Days, love these girls. Can't go wrong.
Left the kids for a week at Lake Powell with Nate's family. So much fun!!! 
 This little one started ballet... oh my I can not think of a cuter thing than a 3 year old in ballet. Can't wait for her recital in May!
Christmas was magical at our house this year. I can't think of a better word to describe it. We had an elf, the kids loved every single day & cried when he left. I think I realized that they are growing up (sad) and that my magical years are numbered.