Monday, December 20, 2010

December happenings

Gracie finally got her first hair cut. I say finally because it was starting to look mullet-ish in the back, but it took a long time to get the guts to cut off some of those cute curls.
It's so nice that Nate's mom cuts hair... and lives so close. She is so nice & willing to cut all of the kids' hair.

Nate's sisters transformed Sadie into a "who" for Christmas. :)
And I am amazed that even with the 4th baby, I still am in awe at this little one. For sure a girl! And maybe another thumb sucker?
Will she be blonde with green eyes like Sadie?
Or a brunette with brown eyes like Gracie?
Or a blonde with brown eyes like Carson?
We will just have to wait & see...


Julie said...

CUTEST ultrasound, it really does look like she's sucking her thumb!

Julie said...

That baby of yours is darling even in X-Ray form. Wow! I am so excited for you.