Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up..

In the past 4 months, we have:

Enjoyed the end of the BYU basketball season. We took the kids to the last home game, and at the end we got these posters. Little did I know, Carson got Jimmer's autograph ;)
I took a fabulous trip to California with my cooking club friends. What a blast! We drove in a motor home, went to see "Wicked," ate amazing food, and laughed every calorie away.
In a 4 month period, we celebrated all 5 of our family members' birthdays. Me in January, Carson in February, and then Sadie, Gracie, and Nate in April.
Needless to say there's been lots of cakes (every one different), presents, and partying at the Milne house.

And we celebrated Easter, and managed to get one descent family picture before this new little one comes.
2 weeks to go, crazy! Are we ready?


Mer said...

I was just thinking about you, Marcie, and wondering if the new Milne baby had made her debut yet. Have we really not seen you guys since Halloween? Your pictures are adorable. Hang on to that jimmer autograph, you can probably sell it on eBay someday. :)

Julie said...

You are so adorable, I haven't seen you look pregnant this time around! Glad life is going well for you guys!

Julie said...

You are ready!! I am so excited for you. Let me know when Braylee comes!

The Dabo's said...

Can't wait to meet this new baby girl!

youreprettytoo said...

I said it before and I will say it again... You are just about the cutest pregnant lady I know! I missed not seeing everyone at cooking club this month!