Monday, June 1, 2009

We've been bizzy!

Sadie had her year-end dance performance. She did great, and was thrilled to get a trophy and flower from Ms. Victoria at the end.
Gracie started smiling, which is so fun.

On Memorial Day we drove up to Heber to see Thomas the Train. We are too cheap to pay the $20 a person to go on the train, so we do all of the free stuff and take a picture in front of Thomas. The kids have a blast!

Sadie graduated from preschool with honors (just kidding.) Ms. Debbie puts on a super cute graduation ceremony where they perform a bunch of songs and then get their diplomas. My how time flies.


The Dabo's said...

I wish Liv's school did a graduation but they don't. She's not even out of school yet. Kids are darling and Sadie's outfits are so cute!