Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flow Rid Dah

We had a blast in Orlando, Florida with my family. We went to Cocoa Beach and it was HOT! We even had to get Gracie in the ocean to keep her cool.

The house we rented had a pool in the back yard and we were probably in it 5 hours a day, at least.
We went to Gatorland and saw some Gators. This was the best picture we could get because I didn't last long on the Gator, it was stinkin hot on my bum.
4 of the days we went to Universal Studios / Island of Adventure. The rides were fun, we took full advantage of the baby swap (one perk of having a baby) and the kids had a blast.
Oh, and can you tell who dressed Sadie & Carson that morning? Hmm....


Marcella said...

Marcie! Glad your back. Heard you had a BLAST. Looks like it! Gotta love family time. Looks like something the Milne fam should do.

Ciara said...

I had no clue when you were coming back, glad to know you're home, when can you play?
The trip looks like a lot of fun I was obviously only skimming what you wrote and didn't do a very good job I thought it was a real gator. Glad to know you couldn't stand it cause it was hot. Gracie has gotten so BIG!

Dale and Tabitha said...

love the BYU shirts. Looks like Gracie handled a vacation with ease. We want to go and I always wonder how James will do. Let's get together again.

Mer said...

We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in March--so fun! Our favorite was the spiderman ride. I bet the kids had a ton of fun. Gracie looks so cute at the beach!