Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food, glorious food

This pregnancy has been interesting because I've had the nausea stuff, oh boy I have. But, then I am also completely OBSESSED with food, but only good food. I have actually found myself watching the Food Network channel for hours at a time, with absolutely no intention of making any of the delicious food they create (not like I could with the ingredients in my fridge, but still). I've also gone through my favorite cookbooks several times, staring at the pictures of the dishes. Nate has gotten tired of me actually rewinding back to commercials I see with food (like the Arby's sub commercial, yum) when I am fastforwarding the commercials during our favorite shows. Here are some of the food items I have actually eaten, and been obsessed with in the last few weeks of :

Stuffed Chicken Marsala from Olive Garden, oh my goodness.... so good. I could have licked the plate, okay I totally did.

Nothing fancy, but I had sweet potato fries from Arctic Circle and holy cow! I couldn't stop thinking about them for days.

Roasted Red Pepper with Feta soup from the Village Bakery at Gardener Village. I think I will have to call and see what day this week they're featuring this soup.


Jamie N said...

That all looks so yummy! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Urggg! Morning sickness is a lie - it's all day sickness as far as I'm concerned.

I want to go have Roasted Red Pepper soup with you. Oh. heaven. That sounds so, so yummy!

T. said...

Now you know how I LIVE!!! I am always obsessed with food and the stuffed chicken at O.G. is one of my favorites!! I say enjoy it while it lasts food is sooo wonderful!!!!

Lisa said...

LOL! I remember those days... I craved McDonald's soft serve ice cream - I couldn't get enough.

Jenn said...

Hope your able to keep all your new favorite food items down, coming up for seconds always ruins a good thing for me!

Yum to the sweet potatoe fries, Artic Circle you dont say? I think there yellow yukon fries are nasty, why did they ever change them?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how pregnancy can do such crazy things to us. I couldn't get enough of salt and vinegar chips when I was pregnant and now the thought of eating those makes my mouth hurt and my stomach turn. I'm so excited for you, but it still makes me feel old knowing that all of us are moms...guess I better get used to it, it's only going to get worse :)haha.