Monday, November 26, 2007

7 Random things about Marcie

So, I was tagged by Kirsten, about... a week ago. It's been a crazy week. My parents came into town for Thanksgiving, and I found out Tuesday night that I was actually making an entire Thanksgiving dinner for my parents and neices and nephews. (It's a long story why I had my sister's kids at my house for Thanksgiving). But, after 2 days of grocery shopping and preparing a dinner, life slowed down long enough to shop shop shop (starting at 5 am on Friday)! We had so much fun with my parents here this weekend!
So, this morning while reading Kirsten's blog, I read her cute "7 random things about me" post, and at the end realized I was tagged too! So, let's see if I can think of 7 things about me that won't put you to sleep.

1. I have 2 guilty pleasures (or at least 2 that I can think of right now). First, I am totally addicted to Diet Coke, yep I admit it. I drink at least 2 a day, depending on the stress of the day. Second, I love watching Grey's Anatomy. It's pretty much a prime time soap opera, but I'm totally into it! Nate teases me about it, but I love it! I mean the drama of Merideth and "McDreamy"s relationship is enough to get me through a whole week. The doctors are hot, and the humor is great..... now watching Grey's Anatomy while drinking a Diet Coke, that's heaven.

2. I am very scared of dogs. I am getting better, maybe, but any dog I don't know sends my body into instant "scaredy cat mode." The worst is when I am running and get chased by a dog, I have actually cried from that. When I run into a dog, even in a fence, while running, I try to change my route the next time I run, attempting to avoid all dogs.

3. I want to run a marathon, someday. Okay, so it probably won't happen until I am finished having kids because of training time and all, but someday I will do it. I love running, love it. Actually, what I do is more like jogging, kind of slow and steady, but I do love it.

4. I LOVE getting mail! I know most people do, but my love is pretty strong. I shop online just so that I get packages, the UPS guy knows me pretty well. And, one of the main reasons that I like selling Shade Clothing is because I get tons of mail and packages. Most of it's not for me, but I still get mail!

5. I like to pick at things..... I mean food. I pick out the chunks in ice cream, or clusters out of the cereals. This drives Nate crazy, so I usually get two seperate ice creams, or cereals, so I can pick out what I want. I don't know what it is, like digging for treasures or something.

6. I love a good party. I love planning parties, making invitations, food, decorations, I love it all! I've already started planning Sadie's birthday party, and I'm so excited to get started (it's in April.)

7. I'm pregnant...........just kidding. But, that would have been a really great last one, huh. I'm not pregnant, and honestly I have no idea when I will be. That is my #7, that I am having a hard time deciding when to have #3. Carson is going to be 2 in 3 months, which means if I want them close together the clock is ticking. But, I am loving the way things are right now with 2 kids. They are pretty independent, and so fun. We'll see what happens, cause honestly I go back and forth between a 2.5 year gap and a 4 year gap daily.
So, there's my 7. And I am tagging Ciara.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A new brother for Nate!

Meet Ruslan, a 14 year old orphan from Ukraine that Nate's parents are adopting! He is such a fun kid and we are excited to welcome him into the family. Isn't he so cute? He and Carson got along so great, I think it's because they're kind of in the same situation. They understand more than they can speak, and when they do speak it's in one or two word phrases. Nate's parents will be going to pick him up from Ukraine in February or March, we are so excited! You've got to meet this kid, he is so fun!

Trick or TREAT!

We had so much fun trick or treating this year. The weather was warm, and both of our kids could finally get the "Trick or Treat" thing. Carson was so fun, he would knock on the door, say "Treat" and then "Thank you" every time. Okay, so every mom has those "my kid looks so cute moments" right? Look at that monkey costume, he was so cute! And Sadie dressed up like a poodle, and had a blast Trick or Treating too. By the time we were done we had to carry the kids buckets because they were too heavy for them.

By the way, Nate and I were Care Bears (homemade costumes of course). I love that Nate will dress up in my cheesy costumes, it was fun because all of the little kids knew who we were. Also in the picture with the kids is Anthony's son Benny (yes it's a boy, in a chick costume). So cute, they all had fun waddling around the neighborhood getting candy.