Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brilliantly mischievious

This morning Sadie & Carson were having an argument. Carson snuck one of Sadie's grow-bugs (the little capsule with foam bugs inside that grow when you put them in water... don't feel dumb if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

So, I took the bug away from Carson & put it in time out. Both kids were mad. Just how we like to leave things in our house, no one should be happy if I'm not. (a joke.)

Fastforward to this afternoon. The kids are up in the bathroom happily playing in the water. I come upstairs and Sadie says, "I gave Carson 2 of my grow-bugs." I feel an abundance of happiness seeing her being nice to her brother, I even give her a hug & tell her thank you.

So, we sit & wait anxiously for the foam bug to appear from the capsules. And wait.... and wait. Hmmmm... I think, why is it taking so long. I stick my finger in to feel if the capsules are dissolving & when I do I realize that there are beads inside, not foam. My daughter, my brilliantly mischievious daughter has replaced the foam with those melty beads (the ones you put on a peg-board & then melt together with an iron). They fit perfectly together inside of the capsules, I honestly couldn't tell myself until I broke it apart.

So, how do I react to this situation? I have to give Sadie a talk about not tricking people when it might hurt their feelings (because we all know Carson was devistated!). But inside of me I was, honestly, SO PROUD of my daughter!!! I mean, that's brilliant, I'm still laughing inside thinking about it. Someday I will give her props for this trick, but today I'll just blog about it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching up...

In the last month we have:

Celebrated Sadie's 6th birthday P.J. style! All of the kids got to paint pillow cases & then watched a movie w/ popcorn. My kind of a party!

Celebrated Nate's big 3.0.!! I tried to be a good wife, I really did. First I planned this huge "Amazing Race" surprise party, but decided more people could make it to a BBQ instead. He wasn't really surprised, but he was a good sport & acted like he was. In the chaos of the night, I only got one picture, and Nate's not even in it.... hmmm.

Tried babysitting the CUTEST baby ever! I watched her for a week, and it was so fun for me. Not so much fun for Gracie, however. She got super jealous & attention-hungry all of a sudden. My kids were so sad to say good-bye, she is so cute!

A couple of trips to the zoo. I'm still madly in love with baby Zuri, the elephant.

LOVED every single moment of Sadie's dance recital! She is quite the little dancer, I love it! (Considering I can't dance, she obviously didn't get it from me!)
And now I am looking forward to summer! And a little less of a schedule. Is it okay to admit that I am looking forward to staying in pajamas until 11:00 every day without going anywhere? And even then, at 11:00 I'll just slip on a swimsuit & head to the pool with the kids. Sounds blissfull.