Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 24th of July....

I have to say I'm getting used to it. (The 24th holiday thing). But because I didn't grow up in Utah I haven't ever felt fully "into" the 24th of July, Pioneer day holiday. Every year I kind of forget about it until it's the day of, and then I feel slightly guilty for forgetting a holiday remembering the pioneers. This year I actually tried to schedule several things on the 24th, kind of not realizing that it was a huge Utah holiday. I tried to set up visiting teaching and got a laugh, "it's the 24th!" I do love that Utahns celebrate huge for this holiday, a huge parade and fireworks.... it's like 4th of July all over again. Maybe that's the problem, it's too much like the 4th. It needs to be unique, like everyone could wear bonnets and push around handcarts for the whole day. They could shut our power off, air conditioning, and running water. We could really feel like pioneers. Yeah, I think that would help me remember it a lot better.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

American Idols Live!!!!

We had SOOO much fun Monday night at the American Idols Live concert. Nate's whole family went, which made it all that much more fun sitting next to his sisters. We were screaming (I think I lost my voice a little) and dancing, what a blast! Our seats weren't the best, we were to the side of them, but we could actually see backstage too. Nate actually saw David Cook doing push ups right before his performance, ha ha!

David Archuleta did awesome. The crowd was so loud after he performed, he couldn't stop crying.
What a fun night!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July camping & parade

We had such a fun 4th of July!!! Thursday night we camped out with Nate's whole family in his parent's back yard. We went swimming in the pool, had a BBQ, set up our tents, and then roasted marshmallows by the fire. We all stayed up late singing songs by the fire. Most of the songs were girl's camp songs, which made me miss those good old girl's camps years ago.
We all went to the Murray city parade the next morning. We always sit next to some families from the Milne's ward that are SO fun. They have the list of names of the girls on the floats and we all yell out a name when one comes by. The girl (who has no idea who we are) looks over at us so confused, it's so funny.
Then we went to T & Darin's for a BBQ which was a blast. Thanks for throwing such a fun get together!

I think this is the funniest picture. Right after I took it I realized Nate looks like he's naked in the back ground. He's got his swimsuit on, but it's behind the air mattress.
Sitting by the campfire with 2 tired kids.
Someone actually T.P.ed all of our tents while we were sleeping!

Hot, hot, hot!

We had Soooo much fun in Vegas! We spent most of the days laying out at the pool (I couldn't last very long in the 108 degree heat), watching movies in the hotel room, and going to the movie "Get Smart" (so funny). It was too hot to walk around outside for very long. We did go out on the strip at night, which was fun.
Mostly it was so relaxing and fun to spend time together just Nate and I. It's nice to feel like we're newlyweds again. We went to dinner with my friend Jenn from high school, she lives there in Vegas and is such a fun girl. I miss her, wish she lived closer, but it's fun to see her when we can.
Vegas was hot, but let me tell you... we came home to a broken air conditioner. Our central air went out and with the 100 degree heat outside the nights were miserable until we got it fixed on Wednesday! Thank goodness for A.C.!!!!